Thursday, October 2, 2008

survey says:

When you accidentally buy a platter of "baked-in-store" sticky buns because they smelled good and because you were grocery shopping at lunchtime on an empty stomach and because this is what you crave when you're anxious and you're about to leave your kids for a week, and you eat "a portion" of them but not the whole thing (because you have to prove that you do have some willpower), do you

A: fess up and let the kids eat them for an afternoon snack
B: hide them until morning and try to avoid anyone noticing that they're partially eaten
C: hide the whole package in the outdoor freezer where no one will ever know about them and you can finish them at other moments of anxiety

Your opinion matters.


  1. Oh, that's easy. It's definitely C. Unless it's D: mail the remainder to your friend in Chicago.

  2. Hm. I think E) serve them to your kids on plates in the dining room. Thereby neatly avoiding the fact that they were somewhat pre-enjoyed.

    And mmmm, cinnamon rolls. Eat one for me, will ya? They aren't dairy-free. :(

  3. Definately C. Gotta love cinnamon rolls. :)