Monday, September 29, 2008

need any help?

"I'm not gonna be your kid anymore!"

What did I do to deserve that? I offered to help Bug with his "homework". I can't wait until he has real work that he truly needs help to do. He won't get near the concept. I feel like we're still at the toddler stage, "Do 'self!"

He's only four. At school he made a whole page of the number 2, all backwards. He brought home an empty page to practice at home. Am I wrong to want to assist a bit? I've got all sorts of rhymes and hints to help kids remember how to draw letters and numbers, write color words, and phone numbers. This is what I do did. Am I supposed to just sit back now and let the school teach him without my involvement?

I think Bug may prefer to go it alone and then be angry that I haven't helped him. But it is a fragile situation. Pook has resisted now and then and I've seen what a tenuous hold a parent has. Piss them off and they'll avoid ever learning from you again. "What did you do at school today?" "Nothing." "Need any help with that?" "No."

My father was a math professor. I would never allow him to help me with homework. He'd look at my assignment and start his sentence with "Well, I wouldn't do it that way. It'd be a lot more logical if you...." Bye, Dad. I closed him out.

I have a couple of years to figure out how to approach Bug. Trial by fire.


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