Wednesday, September 10, 2008

random neuron firings

There are random neurons that fire in the preschool brain causing the child to speak nonsequitors. No segue. No "by the way". No "I was just wondering". Certainly no "on a different topic". We pause, then say what we usually say under these circumstances, "Oh." and we carry on.

I write down some of the best and I'm going to start adding them here to share. I'll just toss them in when I hear them. Just remember that they've come out of nowhere. Bug is full of the craziest stuff:

While talking about buttering bagels: "Horses have horseshoes. How come they have horseshoes?"

"How do you buy houses? How would they fit in a store? They wouldn't fit in a bag."

"How big can a flounder get? Why not as big as a whole car?"

"It would be fun if you could go up to the clouds and the clouds were all cotton candy and you could eat them." (And then he fell asleep.)


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