Friday, September 26, 2008


I was too preoccupied watching a Seattle based medical drama to check it out. I felt a bit guilty when I went into the boys' room later to kiss them goodnight and I stepped on Bug. He mumbled a bit as I tried to scoop him up in the dark and flop him back into bed. I pulled up a light blanket for him. Pook was already covered. He stays under the sheets much better than Bug. (Let me rephrase that: Pook stays under the covers. Bug does not.) I woke at 3 am and was cold. To make amends with Bug, I went into their room and covered him again.

I just pulled out their jammies with long pants this week and put light blankets on all the beds. We've had the windows open and it is starting to get cool overnight. Early September is sweaty, buggy summer but we've finally reached fall. October in Atlanta is beautiful, cool and crisp. It was 55° when I looked this morning.

Maybe the boy needs a sleeper already. Once it really cools off and we turn on the heat they'll be wearing sleepers but it will probably be warmer in the house than it is now. I like having the windows open and blankets on, but the key word there is 'on'. Pook started using his blankets around age four, so I'm hoping it'll happen soon. Unfortunately, Bug moves around a lot more at night so I may be too optimistic. Hence, the kthump I sometimes hear at night!

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  1. I love the fall weather here in Atlanta and we're enjoying open windows too. My little guy is always out of his blanket, or sheet or anything else I try to cover him with.