Thursday, September 11, 2008

weaving a web

I just mapped my driving route from this morning. I seem to have covered an area roughly two miles by five miles with twenty five miles of driving. Seven times up or down one road too. Doesn't seem possible, does it? I can't claim expediency although I tried to combine errands, really I did. We were ready early for the dentist appointments the boys and I had at 8:40, so I swung by the farmer's market. I sent the boys to buy themselves some honey sticks for future lunch box treats and I dashed to my favorite two farmers and quickly bought cucumbers, tomatoes, corn and arugula. Five minutes and we were back in the car. Post dentist (good reports for all) I dropped Bug at one school and Pook at another. I went to the grocery for the rest of our week's food, then brought it home. I multi-tasked while putting away groceries and phoned for a hair appointment. When I wrote it on the calendar I realized I was supposed to pick up a CSA box at the market this week, it hadn't been my a la carte week. I had half an hour before my yoga class was supposed to start, so I dashed back to the farmer's market, doubled my arugula pile as well as lots of other great items, and still made it to the YMCA on time. After the class I picked Bug up and headed home for less than an hour when it was time to pick up Pook. Craziness.

Atlanta, particularly Atlanta suburbs, are pedestrian and cyclist UNfriendly. The roads I drove on are four lanes wide, choked with traffic and spotty about having sidewalks. We cross a major highway intersection with busy on and off ramps. We've been biking a lot since Bug got up on two wheels and I love the idea of running errands on foot or on bike. But if I study the route I drove yesterday, there were only two portions that could have been walked (partially because the kids were with me for part of it). And if I'd walked to the Y I'd have had to use the walking as my exercise because I'd have missed the yoga class. If I'd walked to pick Pook up from school, any nap for Bug would have been impossible. So I'm doing the unthinkable and defending my twenty five mile web.


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