Friday, February 15, 2008

my kitchen floor

I'm going to be very honest here and describe the current condition of my kitchen floor. We come in both from the car and from the backyard into the kitchen, it gets used for meals and homework and art and.... So, here goes:

  • at least six paper airplanes that didn't fly. (If you make the exact same style enough times I guess the hope is that it will suddenly start to work.)
  • six shoes (all pairs!) that we kick off under my desk whenever we (the kids or I) come in
  • one mitten
  • school homework folder (sort of near the bookbag, which IS hanging)
  • two baseball caps, one kicked from coat area to fridge
  • empty box from Dell which was supposed to keep this computer from randomly turning off but doesn't
  • collage of school valentines (See Parent Hacks!)
  • a few pieces of school art, all pink right now
  • toy motorcycle
  • three grapes and more grape stems than I can count
  • two pieces of unopened mail (not from today)
  • five alphabet magnets and one random advertising magnet
  • a suction ball that Bug got for Valentines Day at school
  • tub of markers, some of which are still in the tub, and some pencils
  • glue bottle
  • pair of kid scissors
  • unused (maybe used, I can't always tell) recycled office paper we keep around for art
  • pair of jeans I must return to Lands' End. Something about having a child home EVERY DAY THIS WEEK kept me from getting out to return them. (Damn that pinkeye!)
  • enough dirt to plant a garden

1 comment:

  1. I'm pretty close to that on some days. I try so hard (and I only have one kid who is running around. can't blame the baby yet.), but I can't keep that floor clean for the life of me. My current scapegoat is that the linoleum is old and ugly and never looks clean, so why bother? Things fall out of my purse, out of the diaper bag, out of our workout bags, and they just get kicked under the chair or in the corner.