Tuesday, February 26, 2008

the life of glitter

Did you know that glitter has a half life? It never completely goes away. Here's why:

Bug made a lovely valentine at preschool. Preschool=Glitter.
He brought the valentine home in his backpack. Backpack=Glitter
The lunchbox was in the backpack. Lunchbox=Glitter
The lunchbox lives on top of the fridge. Fridge surface= Glitter (and dust)
My husband's lunchbox lives on top of the fridge. Husband's lunchbox=Glitter
My husband tosses his lunchbox on the seat of his car. Car seat=Glitter
My husband sits on the seat in his car. Husband's &*% =Glitter.
The clothes go in the washer. Washer=Glitter
Everyone's clothes go in the washer. Everyone's clothes=Glitter.
Everyone wears the clothes around the house, around the school, around the office.



  1. My son cracked open a snow globe on our hardwood floor around Christmas time. The glitter disappeared quickly into the cracks. Never to be seen again? Hardly. I'm still finding it all over the house.

  2. That is why my husband HATES the greeting cards with glitter on them. That stuff gets EVERYWHERE!

    I am not looking forward to the glittery crafts stage of childhood. So far we've managed to contain crafting to crayons, but the day is coming (SOON!) where crayons just won't do.

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