Monday, February 4, 2008

cake creations

I am turning into a cake pro. I have made:

for Pook
age 2: a blue choo-choo (not Thomas, just blue)
age 3: a blue choo-choo (again, not Thomas, just blue, but less blue now that I knew what happened to diapers when kids ate blue frosting)

age 4: a spaceship

age 5: a robot

age 6: the Earth

for Bug
age 2: a caterpillar

age 3: a helicopter (Somehow we don't have a photo of it, but it looked sort of like a helicopterish thing. It even had spinning propellers.)
age 4: a castle

They've all tasted great. I care about that more than the design. As long as my kids think it is what they wanted it to be, then it's good enough. I don't own any special cake pans yet. I've just set out all my pans on the kitchen floor and told Pook something like "show me what a robot looks like". So far so good.

This is Bug's castle from Saturday. Angel food cake with colored sprinkles inside, Cool Whip and ice cream cones with a chocolate bar drawbridge.

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