Tuesday, February 19, 2008

my bestest part was three parts

The kids had both Friday and Monday off from school. I'm sure this was because the Forces That Are know that after having Pook home with pinkeye I really just wanted more time with them and no free time alone whatsoever. But, my husband took Monday off (would have been better if he hadn't been sick) and * we * went * to * the * circus * !!! The Big Apple Circus. Acrobats, clowns, dogs and horses and a pony (and one humiliated cat). The kids were so enthralled they forgot to clap. You can always tell they're into something if they don't have time to get distracted. We don't do this sort of stuff much. We're not Disney sorts and they haven't done many big event activities. I even got them cotton candy.

Immediately afterwards, my husband asks them what part was their favorite. They both shrug and don't have answers. But on the ride home and the rest of the day we were inundated with answers. "My bestest part was the dogs jumping in the hoops that the dogs were holding. And my other bestest part was the statue people that were real people. And also my favorite part, actually, was the acrobats." Pook chimes in, "And the unicycle guy. And that guy with all the soccer balls. And also the hula hoops." Bug sighs, "Yeah, that was my bestest part too."


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