Tuesday, February 5, 2008

credit where credit is due

I was somehow surprised to see empathy in Bug. He spent his first six months screaming until our ears rang and he didn't like being snuggled much, so maybe I assumed he would never be a nurturing person. But he is. I laid down yesterday, feeling dizzy and nauseous, and he showed up minutes later with his blanket and his teddy bear to take care of me. First thing this morning, he came into my bed and asked if I was feeling better. When I said I did, he was so proud. "I made you better, didn't I Mama, didn't I?"

I must have expected it in Pook. Pook is my artist. He notices everything and can spend endless hours creating. Today he found some sparkly pipe cleaners. He shaped three of them into interlocking hearts and then handed it to me. I admit I was distracted and didn't hear what he said as he gave them to me. I did notice what he'd done and was impressed. Then Bug made some "hearts" with his pipecleaners and handed it to me. "If you put these by your bed you won't get any bad dreams." (That is SO sweet! big hug)

Pook looks at me, "That's what I said. He's copying me."
(Bug grins, knowing he's been caught.)

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  1. I was sent here from Parent Hacks, and I wanted to welcome you to bloggy land. :) I read all the posts on this page, and I smiled a lot. My SIL makes shape cakes like that. One year she did the Island of Sodor, complete with tracks, fences, bridges... and of course little trains. -- On the empathy thing. I was startled the first time my son showed empathy for something that happened to a character on TV. He was sad that Sally was sad when Lightning McQueen was carted away to California. He started crying and needed a hug. (He's two).