Thursday, August 2, 2012

R&R but no painting

No, Pook's room isn't finished yet. Almost. Poor kid-- his books and toys are piled into boxes still.  But the baseboards needed to be painted and we had a week at the beach scheduled, and, well, life got in the way.  Soon. In fact the painting of the trim will happen tomorrow, and maybe we'll get his art on the wall over the weekend.

We went to St. Simons Island last week for a bit of R&R. This spring when summer camps first came into conversation (everyone seems to register in February for these) the boys expressed interest in Circus Camp. I pulled the laptop out one evening and investigated it. Over $300 each and it didn't even last all day. I turned to CD and moaned that we could rent a beach condo for that price.  He very logically suggested then that we do. The next morning I put it to the kids: do you want a week of Circus Day Camp or a week with Daddy at the beach?  And the beach won.  We've raised those boys right.

Of course we didn't manage a week at the beach for $600, but it wasn't too bad and it was well worth it. We were in biking distance of the beaches and walking distance to the many restaurants in the pier area. We had some good food-- my favorite was at a place called Bubba Garcia's where I had a calamari and pineapple taco and some of the best guacamole I'd ever tasted. Another night we ate award winning BBQ and, being right by Brunswick GA, some Brunswick stew. All good.

I also realized that kids are magnets. All it took was two boys with two boogie boards and two shovels and suddenly there were boys ages 8-12 all over the place. Everywhere I looked. They all had boogie boards and they all had pails and/or shovels. I couldn't find a toddler anywhere, and yet when I had tots, I swore they were everywhere I looked.

Today was "Bridging Day" at the middle school. Pook and I were given (different) mock schedules of classes and spent 25 minutes in each. We met the core teachers, counselors and other administrators. I believe the kids learned how to open a locker. I liked all the teachers I met. They divide the 6th graders into two "teams" and then four teachers share those kids, plus "specials" for PE, art, band, etc. There are lots of clubs and activities and since Pook's good friend K attended one of the other feeder schools, he'll have an easy time meeting all the good geeks. I'm optimistic for him.

No pictures of the finished bedroom and none of the middle school (I'm sure everyone is so sorry about that) but here are some pictures from St. Simon's Island:
Two holes connected with sand "snowmen" keeping guard

Pook rides a wave all the way in

Fort Fredericka

Live oaks and Spanish moss
A Logerhead turtle at the Turtle Hospital on Jekyll Island

Clearly we needed one more day of vacation so we could finish this

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  1. That looks beautiful. I'm so sad about missing our vacation this year.