Wednesday, August 15, 2012

what's cookin'?

We've been cooking up a storm here at the House of Pook and Bug. I think I'm restless without my babes here all day.

I've made a fresh salsa, perfect pimento cheese spread, and some hot pepper jelly. If someone gives you a large bag of mixed peppers, remember that hot pepper jelly doesn't call for many. I used the jalapeno ones, decided to dry the chilies, put the banana peppers on salads, and I think I'll pass the habanero peppers forward. If you or someone you know would like about 30 (probably) habanero peppers, please give me a call.

Here are some lovely photos taken by Bug of the gazpacho he helped me make. It is a perfect recipe for a kid to prepare.

Here is the snack Bug and I made with our new pepper jelly, cream cheese and crackers. Yum!

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  1. Homemade pepper jelly? I love pepper jelly.