Friday, August 17, 2012

the room: conclusion

Yes, Pook's room is finished. But the boy needed to alphabetize his books and perfect the bulletin board. Then the Lego exploded back out of confinement in the closet and I got distracted.

The amount of work involved in getting this room ready to paint was incredible. I understand that his room was formerly the playroom, and therefore got used harder, but geez!  Just getting to the point where we could find the thousands of thumbtack holes to fill took three days.  The poor boy spent most of that cleaning up Lego. Then there was the realization that behind all those Lego creations was ten years of dust. And, when he was a tot, I had guided him to put stickers onto his bookshelves at the end of the day. (It kept them out of the laundry.) A razor blade and goo-be-gone were needed to scrape them all off.

This was the painted border my MIL and I put on before Pook was born. It took two coats of primer to get it covered.

Here it is, sort-of-made bed and all. The deeper yellow is nice in this sunnier room.

We thought the room was completely finished, and it was for a couple of days. But then there was an... altercation with one boy on either side of the door. The casualty was the mirror. I told them they'd have to share the seven years of bad luck.

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