Tuesday, July 24, 2012

bedrooms part ending: pictures!

I have some before and after pics!  I love before and after pics! The room as a two-kid-bedroom had little space for more than the beds. Bug kept his dresser in it, and all his stuffed animals and books.  All other toys were in the playroom. 

The room as seen one night last year when I found Bug sleeping upside down in his bed Pippy Longstockings style. I see that Teddy was kicked off the bed. Pook is sound asleep like a straight little log in his neighboring bed.

The paint stamped jungle animals which were put along the chair rail by my MIL and pregnant-with-Bug me.
 Mid paint job.

The new room, with the new home for stuffed animals on the trundle.
The walls are covered with tons of posters and art. Bug wanted all the old returned up and the new added and we didn't argue.

It didn't take long for Lego to spill out everywhere, making this a pretty honest look at his room.

Pook's room is almost finished and will be shown next week.


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