Sunday, July 8, 2012

life: a big topic

Where have I been? Mostly at the pool, the only logical place to be in this weather. Perhaps all my good posts melted away into the depths of my overheated brain.

Today however, my kids came through with blog fodder for me. Maybe the amount of time they've spent underwater recently has saved their brains from melting.

We'd gone to a relatively new science museum in north Georgia, the Tellus Museum.  In addition to a big mineral exhibit, a dinosaur exhibit and one on the history of transportation, there was a planetarium. We had tickets to see a show about Black Holes.  It was after lunch, and those lovely reclining chairs were a bit too much for me, so I missed a few bits and pieces of the presentation.  The kids must have absorbed it all.

Over dinner, unprompted, Bug declared that "Isn't it cool that every moment is eventually in the past, present and the future?" He went on to say that he thinks the past and future are the same length of time. He proceeded to get paper and pen and draw a timeline. Seen from the beginning of time, the distance to the present (and yes, he called it "A") was the future. Now it is the past.

Pook disagreed with the assumption that there is an end to time. He compared it to someone who is immortal. They were born at a specific time but if they aren't ever going to die then they have an infinite future.

And then we had root beer floats.


  1. A talks about how, with every decision, a new universe is created. One with the decision, one if you'd decided the other way. So there are hundreds of billions of alternate universes in other dimensions.
    He usually hits me with this before I've had coffee.

    1. Jen- have you seen the movie Sliding Doors? Don't know if it is kid friendly tho...