Friday, July 13, 2012

bedrooms part one

This needs to be part of a series, since it is happening slowly and involving both much work and much stress.  Today is mere background.

Our home has three bedrooms-- all we needed when we were dual income no kids people. We had a guest room and an office. All worked great.  Then we gained a Pook and we put the queen bed in the office. Then we remodeled the space above our garage and made a new office. Then we gained a Bug. We bought a trundle bed set for Pook and put the crib next to the queen bed and all was fine. We had a choice of moving Bug to a pack-n-play and giving guests the queen or popping up the trundle to full height, putting a king sized sheet over the whole thing and giving guests Pook's room.

It was after a period of house guests when tiny three year old Pook spent the night in the queen bed bed. When Bug awoke he stood at the end of the crib, calling out his brother's name with excitement. Pook loved it and remained in the queen bed for a while.

One day I realized that keeping a toddler in a queen bed and having a twin trundle in an unused room was ridiculous. I decided to make one room a playroom and move the twins into the bedroom.  As I began to  haul the queen mattress out, my mother came up with the brilliant idea of keeping it on the floor of the now-playroom.  For Bouncy Bug, this was fabulous (and saved our furniture ten times over). The Bouncy Bed was created.

Covering the mattress with a carpet colored fitted sheet made it inconspicuous. Kids played toys on it, they certainly bounced on it and when we needed to move them for guests, they slept on it (short-ways!).  And so it continued for eight more years. (Except Bug finally got a bed frame for the now popped-up trundle.) One room for sleeping, one room for toys.

next up: big change ahead


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