Thursday, July 19, 2012

bedrooms part next-to-last before the pictures

I was going to write today about the problems between the boys, dividing up the toys, but as you can see from the conversations below, they ARE able to work together:

"That's my poster. Ms.F in the library gave that one to me." "Well then I get the one of Tim Hudson." "No way! The other Braves one has Bobby Cox and stuff on it. It's ancient!" ...."Mama!" (in unison)

"You know that spear that came with the dude from the XYZ Lego kit? Do you know where it is?" "I used it for my new creation." "Well I want it back." "But the other one I put in your guy's hand is even better."  No it's not."  ... "Mama!" (in unison)

See? "In unison" means they are doing something together.

The good side of splitting up the toys is that Bug has been playing with toys he hasn't used in ages. There they were, sitting on his closet shelf, calling to him from up high. Nothing at all like having them on the bottom shelves of the playroom, ignoring him.


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