Sunday, April 3, 2011


The garden is ready to burst open.  The bulbs are about finished, but the next phase is ready to go.

Dogwood buds with redbud trees in background. Oddly, I have tons of redbud in the neighborhood but none in my yard. I think it would look great in our ivy-cleared backyard.

Flowering kale, purchased for winter color, not dinner. Next year I might plan for both.

The transplanted Beautyberry bushes aren't dead! They have small (blurry) leaves!

Tea olive smells great, but I've never noticed it blooming before. It sustained a lot of damage when the trees were cut down.

Azaleas all over town are busting out. Ours are a bit subdued still, but just about there.

I stole columbine seeds from at least four locations, in at least three states, in all sorts of colors. I already had a few in palest pink and vivid purple.  We'll see if my seed-stealing pays off with more colors.  I can't have enough!

Woodland poppies have their yellow flowers already. There are at least two good sized plants in my front wooded area.

The climbing rose, Lady Banks, is smothered in tiny yellow buds.

 I can't wait to see all this next week!

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  1. Gorgeous!! We're just beginning to see signs of spring. My daffs are up and about to bloom. Nothing else. Yet!