Thursday, April 28, 2011


Lady Diana became a princess when I was old enough to know better.  Still, I liked the idea that I could one day grow up to be a princess myself.  I got my never-a-morning-person self out of bed at some insane hour, missed the actual wedding but saw her in her glass coach.  And saw so many replays of the wedding that I remember wishing I'd just stayed in bed.
While never having become a princess, I realize that I have had the better life. It wouldn't have taken much.  This new princess-to-be seems very down to earth.  William cooks ramen noodles, they want no staff and they seems to be trying to avoid being worthy of paparazzi.

But it won't stop me from watching this latest royal wedding.  I'll bet Bug will get into it with me too. And I have a tivo, so there will be no waking up early for me.


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