Sunday, April 17, 2011

good stuff too

I didn't include a photo of the good parts of my garden.  The parts that actually show and matter.  Here is the front, Spring Garden.  The thick layer of mulch left from the tree cutting prevented many plants from finding sunlight. I removed at least four inches from parts of the area and some plants are coming through, even though they are past bloom.  (One bit of phlox made it out to bloom, the rest is barely making it.)

The azaleas took a hit and many branches were broken off. I've seen them have much better years, but I do love the color. The native (and wonderfully smelling) azalea is golden yellow, barely seen behind the reds.  Here is a close up of the lovely branches.  It is lanky and awkward looking, so I may prune it in a few weeks and try to propagate from those cuttings.  I'd love to have more of them.

The colombine are open and lovely.  I have four of the palest purple and two in vivid purple.  None of the (stolen) seeds have appeared.  Maybe I should buy plants in red and yellow.  (Or, if you have one, I'd trade you seeds since they were easy to collect.)

The roses are actually past their prime now (the photo was taken about ten days ago). They may not bloom for long, but I adore them.  Lady Banks roses.  No thorns and a wonderful climber.


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