Monday, April 25, 2011

promises, promises

There is a lot of sugar around here.  And (almost) all of it is calling my name. Loudly.  (I seem to be resistant to marshmallow peeps.  Or else they're peeping quietly.)

I discovered a few weeks ago that the hand-dipped chocolates given by CD to me for my birthday in January were still hiding behind the always present Dove Promises in my secret stash kitchen cabinet.  I must have overdone it on the Christmas candy because those are some really good chocolates he gave me and it is unlike me to forget about chocolate.  The Promises were shoved to the back so I wouldn't have to let the good stuff wait any longer.  But then Easter came.

I intended to take it pretty easy with the Easter candy this year.  Bug seems to think that there is "lusually a present in our baskets, don't you think?" but there were no complaints about the candy.  Maybe I'll try to do even less next year.  Because while the kids say things like "it will take me ages to eat it all", I seem not to be having this same problem.

The Easter bunny gave them small but solid chocolate bunnies, a long candy necklace seen right after Valentines Day, several marshmallow peeps, a couple small candy bars possibly left from Halloween or maybe just Christmas, and some silly putty (which comes in a little egg and is not apparently a good enough "present".)  My mom added small bags of gummy bears to their baskets and a huge bag of dark chocolate covered pomegranates for me.

The egg hunt which Mama thought could be skipped this year but "Oh no!" could not be skipped contained coins ($1.12 found by Bug and 87¢ by Pook), a few more peeps, jelly beans and robin's malted milk eggs. Oh, and some Starbursts probably left from Christmas.  If the bags of candy had come smaller, there would be less, but the Easter Bunny and Santa both like to offer variety and variety seems to mean too much quantity.  (I see the same problem when I make Chinese stir fry dishes.)

There was a bit of testing for quality control before allowing the Easter Bunny to fill the plastic eggs, then a need to set aside a baggie of the red, orange and yellow jelly beans (purple and green are not worthy) and a portion of the robin's eggs just so as to avoid having ten thousand plastic eggs in the hunt.  Then there was the nibbling from the children's baskets because it wasn't practical to pull out the secret stash in front of the naive ones.  (One of whom saw "peeps" on the grocery list and both of whom saw candy necklaces in the gift pile a  month ago and are therefore not really "naive" but more like "unwilling to acknowledge the truth because the candy might go away if they do.")

And really, the red jelly beans by Starbursts are pretty amazing as far as jelly beans go.  Not better than the chocolate covered pomegranates, but pretty good nonetheless.

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  1. Chocolate covered pomegranate seeds? Holy cow, that sounds good.We scaled back on candy this year too. I always end up throwing a lot of it away and AJs grandmother and aunt always give him some too. We do one small present, something cute, and mostly jellybeans (AJ isn't a big chocolate fan). The candy was not missed.