Friday, April 15, 2011

know thine enemy

I'm all about the garden right now.  My kids are back at school after a relaxing and relatively uneventful spring break.  I'm less stressed out and trying to prepare for the treadmill which will run me into summer.  Seems like it all moves quickly this time of year.

But my garden!  Is blooming! And the weeds!  Are taking over!

pine seedlings
It is true that if left untouched, Georgia would revert to a pine forest.  I chose a random area, one foot square, and counted the number of pine seedlings as I removed them.  24.  I saw thicker areas as I looked around, but with that many I can't pull them.  I'll let Mother Nature kill them off (if she's willing) and I'll get the survivors as they annoy me.

flowering something others must like
I found lots of other uninvited guests.  If I knew weeds by sight I'd have seen more, but many plants are getting a pass because I'm not sure of their intent.  I don't know the names of many.

Apparently some of the ones I pull are plants others enjoy.  I just saw this in bloom at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. If they want more, I have dozens.

seedling which turns into stubborn bush
seedling left around
I guess that's my definition of a weed.  If I didn't plant it, but it grows and prospers, seeds prolifically and comes back from a stump, I assume I want it dead. 
Except the trillium.  And now the mayapples in the same area.  And some trees I'm allowing to stick around- we have redbud seedlings all over the front and I think I'll keep a few and move them to the back yard. Here are a few of the plants I regularly pull or kill around here (besides the English ivy):
ivy and grapevine
sunflower seedlings under the birdfeeder
privit- I know this one


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