Wednesday, March 30, 2011

not home

I have closed my email browser window.  I am not home. 

I am not going to help you figure out why the photographer at school has your child's class picture filed under the wrong teacher name.  I am not going to answer your email because if you could be patient it will all be worked out

I mumbled something non-committal to the school gym teacher when she stopped me, midway through getting 700 children's school photos taken, if I would help out again at Field Day this spring.  You would do better at getting help if you had better timing.

I am not organizing the meal sharing plan for our upcoming church retreat.  If you're one of the people who agreed to help out when I was asked to organize it (again), then organize.  I am not standing in your way.  I will wait until the day before we leave and if no one has organized group meals, I will shop for my family (and we will eat cold cereal at every meal).

I made it in to help with the Science Olympiad.  Only ten of the 18 eggs dropped in the egg drop broke.  Some of them hit the target.  I tried not to hear when you said something about "the next time...."

I made it into the school this morning to clean the big fish tank.  I was reminded that this is one task I sort of like.  So many kids are fascinated and appreciative of that tank.  And the fish never ask me to do more.

I have filled out the so-incredibly-early school registration form for years 2011-2012 just as requested. I wrote our phone number down 34 times and our address down 28 times I think.  I signed my name three times on every side of every page and reminded you of the amoxicillin allergy four times.  I almost threw out the "How Can I Help?" paper sent by the PTA.  Because I wanted to tell the PTA something I would regret later.

Meanwhile, leave me alone because I am not home.


  1. this is so funny! I randomly stopped by to view your blog. hope you come by to view mine and follow me. i will be following you. all the best...keep it up...

  2. I can't find your Followers link...Help!

  3. we've all been through it. It's a blast , wait till you get older and look back.hahahaha, God love ya . No place to follow your link.