Wednesday, March 9, 2011

sacred fingos

I was just asked by Bug "What is a sacred fingo?"  

 Uh.  A what?  I have no idea.  

 "Can you Google it for me?"   

 And, because I am That Kind of a Mom, I did.  

"Oooh, that's the one!" 

I clicked on it.  And I read aloud:


How do you find the sacred fingo from the Kaya Forests in Nabooti island?

You will need to dig up the rare artifact, an Ebony Elephant.
In order to dig it up, you will need to get the Egyptian Lily flower from Blue Nile Falls, and trade it for a turban. At Giza, use the turban to get a shovel. You will also need the opuntia fruit -- cactus pear -- from the Mountains of the Moon. Once you have these, go to the Kaya Forests.
At the Kaya Forests, use the Opuntia Fruit to lure the tortoise, and dig where he was sleeping. You will find the Ebony Elephant. Talk to the Kaya spirits, and take the Elephant to Nabooti to swap for their missing talisman, the fingo. Take the fingo to Kaya Forest and get the Green Jewel.

Pook had come running in to see why Bug was so excited, and he was immediately caught up in it too.  They ran back to their computer and started doing whatever it was that they were doing.

I was left feeling like I had just read something in a foreign language.

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