Wednesday, March 23, 2011

leaves of three... dig it up to save

Just before opening up the spray on the giant bottle of Round Up, I discovered that there was trillium everywhere I looked.  The leaves blended so well into the ivy that the more I found... the more I found.  Often right at my toes.

We filled every pot and clementine crate we could locate with trillium transplants.  They were rhizomes, so even though the tender stem snapped on some, I'm optimistic that they'll be back next year in their new home under the front oak tree.  A few are in bloom, so they don't seem too upset about the change in scenery. Before we spray again I'll do anther search in the remaining area.  They aren't around for long, so they may be safely back underground before we buy more evil poison and give the G.I.R.P. Attempt Two.

The "Leaves of Three" afflicted boys are still itching. We just discovered that Bug has two small areas of poison ivy too.  I continue to knock on wood as I have never had it.

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  1. You are very lucky to have so many of the little Sweet Betsys, Jill! Sorry about the poison ivy, I am very susceptible to it, yikes! :-)