Saturday, March 19, 2011

system breakdown

I have a System.  I have boxes labeled "Pook - Winter,"  "Pook - Summer," "Bug - Winter," and "Bug - Summer."  Clothes that are too big for the kids, hand-me-downs from their cousin, are tossed in the box.  For Pook, there are sizes up to 16 in there.  Sometimes for Bug I take clothes directly from his brother's closet and put them in his, no intermediate box needed.  When we need the new season's clothes, we start at the box.  The System works.

Except that I seem to have lost every last dang pair of size 8 shorts that Pook ever wore.  Because he would have worn them, right?  Could his belly have stayed small enough to keep wearing his older 6-7 sizes until suddenly we needed tens?  The tens from last summer seem to fit this year too, fortunately.  But Bug has not a stitch of  his own to wear.

And I feel a bit guilty for having this problem.  Many of you are still looking at snow, and I'm whining that we can't find shorts.  But a System that works is a precious thing, and finding that it has failed is quite disturbing to people who value organization, as I do- a bit obsessively at times.

Perhaps I need to post a reward. 

Lost!  Size 8 shorts!  Reward offered!

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  1. I use a similar system. But alas, my girls now routinely refuse their brother's clothes (with the exception of an occasional sweatshirt) so my size 8 boys shorts are long gone by now. I'd send them in a heartbeat if I had them. Maybe in a moment of craziness you put them in the winter bin...