Friday, March 11, 2011

calendar rainbows

Google calendar must have known me well when they invented their product.  I can't live without it anymore.

But our family calendar looks like a rainbow this month.

dark blue=baseball
blue=school stuff
orange=U.S. holidays
green=garden reminders
plus the phases of the moon!

Yes, I could turn off the phases of the moon, but really sometimes I think I need to know that in addition to all the craziness we're experiencing, there's a full moon too.  No such excuse right now.

Here is our week of March 13-19:

spread lime on lawn
10:30 yoga
2p Science Olympiad
send school
photo info
Paige's birthday
water plants 
baseball Picture Day
otate tires on Accord at 120k mi 
5:30p Hot Rods Game - Away vs
Sea Dogs
3:15p Bug piano lesson
St. Patrick's Day
10:30 yoga 
3:30p Mets Game -

Away vs. Red Sox.
Daylight Saving Time Begins
5:30p Mets Game - Home vs. Orioles.
5:30p Hot Rods Practice
10:30 cleaning
3:15p Pook piano
5:30p Hot Rods Game - 
Home vs. Thunder.

And on top of it all, it appears that we'll be adjusting to Daylight Savings Time.  Or is it in the fall that it feels hard?  I grew up in Indy without ever changing clocks; this time changing stuff has never felt familiar to me.  What I think we can use is an extra hour for this week.  Or five.  But I think we lose one instead.


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