Friday, October 30, 2009

google harvest

I remain an optimist when gardening. Of course, why would anyone put a seed/plant in the ground if they were not?

I planted all my winter crops before The Flood of 2009.  I'm sure my seeds are sprouting...somewhere downstream.  It took me many weeks (of more rain, primarily) to get around to replacing them. But I did, finally.  And now I am seeing notices on my Google calendar to check for the first spinach harvest.  And next week to check for broccoli.  Then carrots and lettuce.  And now I am feeling the pessimistic gardener.  There is certainly nothing to harvest now.  The lettuce that did sprout and didn't wash away is still less than two inches tall.  It has had plenty of rain, but no sun. I saw purple stems of swiss chard as it came up, but I assume it has all rotted because I see none now. I found three carrot tops after the first floods, but after all the additional rain, I think they're gone now too. I'm afraid to pull up the green sprouts anywhere in case some of them are veggies which washed into the area.  I'm not sure those reminders are worth moving to later dates.  If it does quit raining, it will probably revert back to drought conditions.  A balance?  Not here.

But!  I've picked The Pumpkin.  And it will be here for you to see it soon.  Volunteer plants in my compost pile which I have neither planted nor tended?-- those I can grow.


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