Monday, November 2, 2009

by Bug, age five

This gakulanrn yos to be a pumpkin but I krvd it ann lit it.
(The word 'pumpkin' was the Word of the Week at school.)

Wen evr I go chricorchedeing I sa chricorche!
(Here are Snoopy and Robin Hood, ready to go Trick or Treating.)


  1. For an incredulous moment I thought you sent Snoopy out trick-or-treating in an anti-H1N1 face mask--and was relieved to realize it was a doggie nose instead!

  2. Actually, you are hardly the only one to think that. The face mask was his idea and I originally thought it was perfect, but it distracted MANY people from understanding his costume. "Nurse?" "Sick puppy?" Maybe the black nose pom-pom needed to be bigger.