Tuesday, October 6, 2009

let's meet for coffee

Shaky hands, pounding heart, nauseous, almost dizzy fuzzy headedness.  I just met a friend for coffee (2 hours worth of catching up!) and was distracted by the coffee-making-guy who offered me skim, 2%, whole or soy milk, sizes of indeterminate quantity, and paper or ceramic cups, and I seem to have forgotten to say "decaf".  When a friend offers to meet for coffee, I tend to ignore the "coffee" part of the statement and consider it a chance to catch up, which it is.  Then I'm unprepared for the actual ordering of the coffee-type beverage and I get flustered and mess up.  With this result.

I end up consuming caffeine once or twice a year, accidentally, and I then remember why I don't drink it regularly.  I pulled an all-nighter in college once (bad idea for a 10 hr sleeper anyway) and then topped off the study session with a Diet Coke liquid breakfast.  I sat down at the blue-book exam, picked up my pen, dropped my pen, picked up my pen, dropped my pen... and finally had to tell the prof that I couldn't take the exam until later.  I went home to sleep it off and gave up caffeine completely right then.  Benadryl leaves me wide-eyed and sleepless; clearly I'm that 1% who reacts oddly to medications.

Hopefully the laundry portion of today will be completed despite my impaired condition.


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