Wednesday, October 28, 2009

serious decision making

I stand in the aisle, stocked floor to ceiling with colorful bags of Halloween candy.  I can't move.  I need to buy some candy for Saturday.  But what?  I love the chocolate and caramel stuff, but I reject the miniature Milky Ways because don't want to get something I like or I'll eat all the leftovers. We always have leftovers.  I see a bag of Laffy Taffy.  The kids like those ok.  I pick up a bag.  Too small.  What if I run out?  I'll need two.  Maybe something different.  But if I get something different I'll be tempted to give kids some of each.  And then I'll still run out.  Two Laffy Taffy bags?  Boring.  I see some bigger combo bags. 175 pieces?  Way too much.  M&M fun size packs?  I don't eat peanuts, but that doesn't necessarily mean I can't give it out. Twix and Peanut Butter Twix? None of the combinations are just right.  I don't want to give out candy I don't even like myself.  Seems wrong.  Oooh, Sugar Babies!  What am I thinking?  I'd eat them all in one afternoon and feel sick the rest of the day.  Tootsie roll mixtures.  Blech, they've got all the flavored ones in there.  Don't they just carry Tootsie Pops alone?  Nope.  But they've got some new chewy Starburst gummy thing I'd like.  Except it isn't for me and I think kids think gummies are babyish.  I see a traditional pack of small Hershey's candy bars.  No, I don't like the peanut ones, but they'd be popular.  And pricey!  Back to the fruity stuff.  How many kids do I expect?  We live on a lousy street for Trick or Treating.  There are steep driveways and no homes on the other side of the street, so not too many venture our way.  But still, one must be prepared.  I grab a small Laffy Taffy bag back up and pair it with some Starburst.  I head out of the aisle, satisfied and relieved to see canned vegetables in front of me.  Another cart passes mine and has Milk Duds in it.  I drop off the Laffy Taffy and turn back to grab a bag of Milk Duds.  Next to them are Whoppers.  I dump the Starbursts and grab them too.

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  1. I stood in front of the candy display at the grocery store for at least 15 minutes! My decision process was very much the same as yours. Wound up with a bag of Hershey bars with almonds (mini-size), Nestle Crunch bars (mini), and Twix (mini). This was after grabbing Blow Pops and Tootsie Rolls and Starbursts. Threw all those back on the shelf for the above mentioned. Such decisions! The bags are all so small and so pricey. Oh, well. Halloween only comes once a year. Of course, we're not even going to be home. ;)