Tuesday, October 6, 2009

in a former life

At 8:30 pm, I am finally losing the effects of today's caffeine.  I have had a headache and stomach ache all day.  Before laying down for an hour's nap-ish thing-- I did still have kids here-- I phoned CD and told him I was too nauseous to cook, and that even though he'd biked to work today, I needed him to deal with dinner.  Although I wasn't thinking clearly enough to remember, he knew what that meant: egg drop soup.  Perhaps I was Chinese in a former life; egg drop soup got me through the months and months of prenatal nausea and has come to the rescue many times since.  Chicken noodle won't do, chicken and matzo balls isn't the same.  There are probably other versions too, but for me it seems to have to be egg drop soup.  I've made it for myself, but that isn't the same either; cheap take out seems to go over the best.

So, eleven hours after the mug of coffee (simply a latte made with 2% milk), I'm only somewhat feeling the belly churning and the headache is gone.
Wednesday morning:  I can only blame so much on coffee.  I'm sick.


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