Monday, August 24, 2009

simple but deadly

"How does she write a post about her new dishwasher and use both the words 'simple' and 'deadly'?"

I'm up to the challenge. First of all, whoo hoo for us! We're getting/we've got (depends on the time I post this) a new dishwasher! The old one gave up on everything but running (meaning, spraying water and soap around and sort of cleaning) a long time ago. Plus it smelled. And had rusted. And the front panel was off, revealing the cardboard "insulation". But once we decided to get a new one, we ended up buying a new refrigerator. Then we recovered from that purchase and bought a new garage door. And here it is, August.

We did our appliance shopping online, found the model we wanted and the store who "carried" it. Then we went to the second store which actually did carry it (less than simple, but still ok). It fit into our car (simple) and our favorite handyman said he could come over Monday at 9:30. All wonderfully simple.

He came over at 10:30, which by handyman standards is "on time". Unfortunately, wrong dishwasher. I returned and swapped them out, relatively painlessly, but did waste Handyman's time. (Fortunately he charges by the project, not the time.) And, insulation that CD wanted to put behind the new dishwasher won't fit. And Handyman had to cut a new hole into our sink area and run a new drain line. He's only had one extra trip to the store, but it is 1:15 as I type. (I knew it was ill fated when he asked about my afternoon plans and when I said I had to get the kids at 2pm he responded with "Oh, if I'm still here at 2, we have bigger problems!)

So, nothing is simple when it comes to home ownership. But still, you ask, what is the 'deadly' part of this dishwasher replacement?

This: the dead baby copperhead he found when he removed the old dishwasher. It is now resting on top of the compost pile. Maybe it will scare away any critters who want to eat from our garden.

So, no, there ended up being nothing much "simple" about the installation of this lovely new dishwasher. Handyman finished at 3pm. But, we have a new dishwasher, and it works.


  1. Ugh. I don't think I'd sleep very well after finding one of those in my house.

  2. I had a rattlesnake in my house when I was pregnant. Very pregnant. Wasn't easy for me to jump up on the kitchen counter, but I did it.

    I don't know which is worse - snakes or scorpions. We had dozens of the latter in our house in TX. Awful, awful, awful!!