Wednesday, August 5, 2009

ready, set,... -wait!

We met teachers today and found out class members. Pook has a great third grade class of kids he knows, and although I don't really know the teacher, she seems fine. Rumor says strict but friendly. A student teacher will be in the room this semester too, and an extra hand is always a good thing. He set his school supply box down at a desk by good buddies and his neutral attitude became excited. He's signed up for chess club again and somehow looks and acts as if he knows all this stuff. Routine.

Our county (state?) has had to cut back so severely that they've taken the paraprofessionals (aides) out of the kindergarten rooms. What a mistake. One child bounces off the ceiling and 19 don't learn to read? I figured I'd end up helping regularly and finding other parents to do the same if the classroom felt too wild. You can't mess around with kindergarten; if they don't learn the basics you're setting them up for a bad experience all the way through. I was relieved that there is a special needs child in Bug's classroom, because she'll have a para helping her out and I've never met someone in that position who didn't help any other child who needed it while they were around. The teacher is dual certified in early childhood ed. and special ed. which is also great at that age. I got great vibes from her and am excited for my baby.

I'm not ready for this. I'll have an empty nest. I'm sending my baby off. My SIL has just had to leave her eldest child to be taken to her freshman year of college, by relatives, after their family has left the country to go back to their current home in the UAE. Perspective.

And me? I'm not starting anything fresh and new. I'm going to need to make some plans, since back-to-school is when I'm at my most productive. I've just gotten the hang of accomplishing daily tasks while kids are around ("Look, Mama" "Play with me" "Read to me" "Can we go to the pool?") and suddenly my day is open and I search for projects. The kitchen will get painted. Oh, and I've scheduled a massage for myself. Pampering must be fit into the new schedule.

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  1. A most wonderful time in your life, Jill. I still remember the day my youngest, of four, went to school. We lived in CA and the kindergartens had a parent helper sign up for each day of the week. I was finally able to help since there was no little one still at home. This was so good for the parents, teacher and the kids. Maybe your school would be open to something like it.