Monday, August 10, 2009

off and running

We had an inauspicious start to the first day of school. Pook wanted a second bagel and I couldn't see sending him to school hungry on the first day. But our morning schedule is *tight* and a second bagel does not fit on the calendar. We rushed him along and were standing at the back door waiting for him as we got later and later. All four of us decided to walk to the school this morning, to celebrate the first day of school and CD's availability now that he works nearby. Only, we didn't walk to school, we ran. Uphill. Steeply uphill.

The boys' classrooms are at complete and total opposite corners of an 'L' shaped school. We were lucky to find the back door open for a change and we photographed and kissed Pook and left him to find his seat. Pushing down the crowded hallway towards kindergarten, I stepped on toes of two people. Both, fortunately, were good friends. No time to visit though, we had to get our Bug to his room. I got a photo of his anxious and excited face outside his classroom, we helped him find his seat (right next to the only child he knows in the room!) and I gave him a big kiss. I wish I'd had a calmer start to the day, a slower goodbye and a more settled departure. Suddenly, that was it. Someone began to talk to me and I didn't have time to think.

CD and I walked home through the already hot morning and he set off to work. I decided I might as well return, before my shower, to the cut-through path with clippers to deal with poison ivy on our route. On my way there a neighbor jogged by and paused, "Oh, you have both boys at school this year! I'll bring you tissues on my way back!"

I was so off kilter by the empty house that I completely forgot to go to my yoga class at 10:30. My mornings are free, but they aren't exactly unscheduled! Maybe I should set a timer so I get there on time for dismissal!

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  1. I do use a timer, frequently. Sometimes it's the only thing that gets me there on time!