Wednesday, August 26, 2009

don't forget

My baby lost his first tooth yesterday! After only giving me two weeks to adjust to kindergarten, he has to prove he's grown up by doing this. Sigh.

It is sitting on the backsplash in my bathroom, where CD last night's Toothfairy put it, thinking it would be hard to see, but where I could find it to save if I want it. Do I want it? To be honest, they're pretty gross. I thought I'd kept Pook's first tooth, but when he lost the second one I couldn't find the first one so I threw the second one away. Yesterday when I got out the little tooth basket we have, I found some random tooth of Pook's in it, but I threw it out the window* and placed Bug's in it instead.

* I threw it out the window because I was indoors and it was hard to throw it on the roof. Follow the link to a good book which will explain my actions.

I suspect that Bug is a more sentimental person and I might get by with saving his tooth/teeth without saving Pook's. But you never know if it might be one of those "you love him more than you love me" issues. I'd hate to have it come up in therapy some day that I only saved the teeth of one child. The problem I remember having with Pook's first tooth was: Where To Put It? I ought to have at least one private place in my own bedroom, but I'm not optimistic. And the Safe Place where I probably put Pook's tooth? I have no idea where it is- that's why it's so safe. (There are lots of things there, including, at the moment a sign-up sheet for our PTA that I need.)

So, in comes the usefulness of this blog! I am taping the tiny tooth to an index card and putting it in the upper right desk drawer. Don't forget. I might need to find it someday.


  1. AJ lost his first teeth last summer, two at once, when he had his tonsils out. The doctors who removed them (because they were so loose, they feared he'd swallow them during surgery) gave them to me in a small plastic medical jar with a screwtop lid, along with two dollars for AJ, one for each tooth. Because I had such a convenient storage place, the Tooth Fairy has kindly deposited all the teeth in there. All but one, actually. That one AJ kept. Congratulations to Bug!

  2. This is too funny! Honestly, I still have all of my children's teeth, not wanting to throw them out. I forget where they were hidden, in baggies, one for each of the four kids, now in my jewelry box. They are kind of gross, and a few were lost, the notes explaining the lost ones are with the teeth in the baggies, perhaps more precious than the teeth themselves. Someday they might need that DNA or something, who knows? :-)

  3. Okay, I am generally sentimental, but the teeth just gross me out. The tooth fairy has whisked all of ours away, never to be seen again. Notes addressed to said tooth fairy, on the other hand, have been kept.