Friday, July 31, 2009

private island

If you were naming a previously uncharted island where you may or may not have happened to have hidden your secret pirate treasure, would you name it Loot Island or There is Nothing Here So You Can Leave Now Island? Just wondering.

Pook's favorite uncharted (and also undiscovered) island is the island to eventually be named Jikiniwini. Once, on a trip to Nashville, the family planned the island's culture. For example, the Official Food of Jikiniwini is... beanie weenies. Official Holiday? Halloweenie. Roll with it. Hours of fun, I promise.

The theme of camp for both boys this week was "Traveling to Exotic Lands". Today was the final day. There was a "Gallery Opening" for Pook who has been busy making treasure maps, endangered clay frogs, maracas, and his own passport. (No waiting! Make your own!) The frog is already awaiting a treatment of glue, being endangered as it is. Bug wasn't sure, day to day, what he'd done at camp. "Just playing." But today was the performance they'd actually worked towards. He, as Worker #2 was transported from his boring job "moving papers" in a time machine. He and the other Workers visited Hawaii, Jamaica, and Bermuda. He remembered all his lines, spoke loudly and clearly, and looked like he was having a good time. I can tell he regrets that he didn't get to wear fancy costumes and isn't coming home the last day with his own portfolio of art. He says he wants to try his brother's camp next year.

My week without the kids is over, and any dreams I had about lounging around in a bikini on Jikiniwini must come to an end.

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  1. You would, of course, be drinking a martini in your teeny weeny bikini. And that might help.