Friday, July 10, 2009

20 questions, 485 miles

We're on the road. In Summersville, WV to be precise. Nice hotel. Small, cold pool which seemed to work fine for the boys until they turned blue. A room with plenty of space but no way to get away from the boys while they were falling asleep except in the hall (where I am).

Today may have been our worst-- meaning longest-- drive of the trip. We didn't have anyone to meet at the end, no exciting destination to look forward to seeing. Just many hours of driving. We're a very low tech family for some reason- the boys have lived fine with little tv or computer games. We don't own and I'm not sure they've ever even used any of the small electronic games every other child owns. I've borrowed small dvd players two or three times for long drives, but hadn't even thought about it for our Indy drive. The road trip in June went so smoothly that I had high hopes for this one.

We played license plate tic-tac-toe and all won, eventually. We've seen GA, SC, NC, VA, WV, PA, NY, OH, and ON Canada, plus Pook's extra list which includes FL, TN, AL, MI, MD, and KY. We made a scavenger hunt list and gradually crossed off the yellow sports car, big bridge, road construction, brown cows, red barn, police car (seen from a distance, thank you) jet ski, pedestrian on a busy road, and much more. We have not yet seen a truck with a purple cab. You never know though; they're out there somewhere.

We guessed well beyond twenty questions for Bug. He can be "a bit inconsistent" with that game and is prone to changing his mind after we've asked 19 questions. This one stumped us, so we assumed he was either wrong about his answers or getting flaky on us again. He had an item that was "sort of" both vegetable and mineral, that was "sometimes" bigger than the car "but ours isn't" and was "sort of partly" flat and rectangular. He wasn't sure if it was useful, but claimed it wasn't a toy. We finally gave up. Do you?


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