Monday, July 27, 2009

bits and pieces

My boys happily ate grits for breakfast and then pimento cheese spread later in the day. And yet they're kind of lukewarm about corn on the cob. As a good Midwestern girl, the idea of a kid not caring much for corn on the cob is crazy. What's the fate of my boys? I'm believe I'm raising Southerners.

CD's office moved, right before our trip. Instead of a 25 minute driving commute, he is now biking the three miles in about 20 minutes. I'm excited for the possibilities- he can meet me or come home for lunch, visit the kids at school and eat elementary cafeteria food with them (whoo hoo!) and generally be accessible during the day if needed. Mind you, this type of office move is completely unheard of in Atlanta. No one lives near work. They might have intended to live near work, but after finding the perfect house in walking distance, either the job or the office changes and they spend the rest of their life driving across town.

We went to hear a live bluegrass concert last night. I love that the boys enjoy bluegrass as well as so many other types of music. If it's live, they're usually happy. We took Pook to a midnight Christmas Eve service with CD's parents when he was a baby. We'd hoped he'd sleep through it, but instead, if there was music, he was alert and interested. If there was sermonizing, he babbled or got cranky. Both boys have great attention spans for music and it was nice to hear the compliments from others in the room as we left.

The end of summer is nearing. I can't deny it. I've got school supplies on a shopping list for this week. I'm pleased to say that for the first time, I think, I'm not ready. I'm enjoying summer with the kids and the idea of adding in all those stressors: waking early, Bug starting full day kindergarten, Pook starting fall baseball, doing homework, helping with the PTA... all those replace sleeping in, hanging out and swimming. Not such a good trade, I'd say. The crabbiness has been minimal and we've been having a good balance of travel, camp and play. In fact, the boys started art camp this morning (visual arts for Pook, performing arts for Bug) and I'm realizing that we have only one week left and so, so much that we wanted to do. Should I take them to The Puppetry Arts Center? To see the Atlanta Shakespeare Festival's performance of Alice in Wonderland? To Fernbank Science Museum? Back to Stone Mountain where they still want to try pedal boats? There will be time for only one more field trip next week.

Pook is eating like a mad man. I've got to buy him new shoes next week but they'll be outgrown by Thanksgiving. On the other hand, they may well be worn out by then too.

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  1. Andy refuses to eat corn on the cob as well. Where did we go wrong? When does school start for you guys?