Thursday, July 23, 2009

maybe they have to like you

After we went to bed last Friday night, at the home of S&S, I told CD how nice it was to be with friends who know all your dirt and still like you. His answer, with a chuckle, was that perhaps they realize that I know all their dirt too.

From Niagara, we'd driven to Avon Lake, OH to visit my college roommate and her now-husband, also a college friend. It took me a while to wrap my head around the situation. The last time I'd seen them was at my wedding, and that had been ten years ago, without children. Now two kids were referring to my buddies as Mom and Dad. Shouldn't have been so strange for me, but it was. I suppose my mom-hood strikes others that way too.

Boxes of old photos got pulled from storage after dinner and we browsed through wonderful pictures of us with big hair, mini skirts with leggings (remember Flashdance? yikes!) and twenty extra pounds (that was me, she's never had even one). Brought back lots of memories, as did the names she remembered and the people they still have contact with. I looked at a few people through her Facebook account and fulfilled my curiosity as much as needed. We must have spent an hour trying to decide when they'd been in Atlanta and which of my homes they'd visited. The suspicion is that when S sees photos of places, she puts them in her memory under "visited". In any case, they're due for a visit here next.

Her 12yo son had to help wash dogs the next morning with his youth group, and we had a good time hanging out, eating hot dogs and watching dogs and kids play. After it we went to see their beach, just a few miles from them on Lake Erie. Again, (need I say it?) too cold. We visited a nature center and waded, threw rocks and sticks and splashed around for the rest of the afternoon. Dinner on the grill, corn on the cob, and watermelon followed by s'mores in a fire pit rounded off a perfect day.

We spent one more night in West Virginia on our way home. The New River Gorge is just too lovely to pass up and we hadn't visited on our way north. Then we sped home without breaks on Monday. The end to a wonderful week.


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