Monday, December 8, 2008

appliance roulette

Our oven has broken at least twice. Sometimes it comes to life again without any repair, sometimes it comes to life despite the replaced thermostat. Our dishwasher is on it's last legs. We dump in soap but can't close the soap door. Seems like things don't always get clean these days either. And there is rust inside. And, it stinks. I worry about the dishwasher. But it was the refrigerator that broke this weekend. Who knew?

We had a Christmas gathering with the families of our dinner group. We usually pick restaurants and hire babysitters, but this month we cooked and everyone came to our house. LG brought an apple cobbler and ice cream. When she pulled out the ice cream to serve it, it was mush. Good mush I must add, melted all over the hot cobbler. I figured we'd been in the freezer too much for ice and it had gotten left open accidentally. Nope. Broken.

I'm looking for a repair person as I type. Only one with a reference has a new phone number and can't be found. CD looked up a few other names but no one can come until tomorrow. We are fortunate to have a large freezer in our garage. The fridge has a couple bags of ice to keep milk, cheese, eggs and such things edible. The rest we refroze outside. I'll open the fridge as little as possible and try to use up anything I can for dinner tonight.

I do not want a new refrigerator (or oven or dishwasher) for Christmas. Just in case someone wondered.

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  1. Oh Jill, that is awful, I do hope you can find a repairman soon, but having the freezer sure is a help until then. Appliances cannot even be called presents, they are necessities. The Financier learned that the first year we were married and he got me a mixer. HA