Friday, December 12, 2008

good ole Setu Cloz

The boys just mailed their annual letters to Santa. This is the first year Bug has written his own. In past years Pook has thoughtfully included a request for his brother. They have been carefully mailed to Indy the North Pole but they read:

SANTU (remember your short 'u' sound, like in 'umbrella')

I think it translates something like this:
Dear Santa, For Christmas this year, I would like a pair of rear viewing spy glasses, a new stuffed teddy bear (not to replace Ted, but just as a new friend), Lego and some candy. Love [Bug])
...and on the envelope, SETU CLOZ

The second letter was written with something called a "sloppy copy" and then recopied onto nice paper before being mailed to "Santa Claus at the North Pole." It said:

Dear Santa Claus,
For Christmas I would like spy glasses. I would
also like Transport Ferry City Lego, Police Pontoon
Plane City Lego, and Patrol Boat and Tower
City Lego.
From [Pook]
(I'm a kid)

He is not leaving anything to chance this year. The "sloppy copy" included model numbers. Not sure where they both got the idea for spy glasses and I hope they don't disappoint. They're only $2.99 on Amazon....

Now, I'm off to meet CD at the Lego outlet near his office.


  1. not to ignore the cute letters to "setu" but where is the lego outlet in atlanta? my husband will love it!

  2. The Lego store is at Discover Mills up in Duluth. Fun place- has a life sized Darth Vadar in the entrance and lets you buy Lego by the cup, as well as having a "scratch and dent" area for banged up boxes. Santa just saved $20 when another customer informed "her" that the same item was available dented!