Saturday, September 4, 2010


We're taking the boys to their first ever football game... at Georgia Tech. CD was there for a full decade and keeps in touch with lots of friends who seem to all be huge football fans. He isn't. Before the kids were born we'd go to tailgates but never once went to an actual game.

So, here we were this morning. The kids were searching for gold shirts to wear, CD put on a Tech t-shirt and I dawdled. I just couldn't bring myself to wearing Tech colors. I can go there, park my car with the UGA window sticker and eat hot wings, but to wear Tech colors while I do it? For some reason I can't. I was trying to figure out why I care. I am less of a football fan than anyone I know. I wasn't at the University of Georgia for very long, it took only seven quarters to get my Masters degree. But I decided it was old friends who attended for much longer, and who cared about football, who made the difference. I'd feel shameful if I was a traitor!

I emailed some buddies I hadn't spoken to in ages to tell them of the lasting legacy they've had on my psyche! Then I put on white.

Whether I can cheer for them against S Carolina State is yet to be determined.


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