Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a tidy desk reflects a tidy mind and I have neither

I really should know better than to accept a task without checking my calendar first.  At dinner last Wednesday, at church, it was announced that no one had volunteered to provide dinner for this Wednesday and very few dates beyond, so the whole dinner concept was in jeopardy.  I turned to the two families sitting with mine and suggested we do one together.  The better suggestion of trying to involve lots of "playground families" was adopted.    I signed us up, myself in charge.  We decided on chili, cornbread, salad and brownies.  Certainly as easy as it could come. But when it came for the date to be considered,  "Just do next week- it's always easier to be spontaneous," I shouldn't have listened.

I came home and realized what a week I've given myself.  Thursday and Friday are school picture days, with me in charge.  I am organizing a team of twelve moms to be there to line up kids, clean up lunch from their faces and keep order, two or three volunteers at a time each day.  Of course some people volunteered for one hour, but only if it was between 12-1 so they could come at their lunch hour, others wanted to be there while their own child was being photographed, another was willing to stay for three or more hours, but only on Thursday.

My desk is covered with scribbles right now.  Deanne is able to make three pans of cornbread and Jane can be there to cover photo day from 8-10.  I am, at this moment, making a huge pot of invent-a-recipe-vegetarian-chili and am thinking that if we fill a jar with rubbing alcohol we can sterilize combs and not need to treat them as disposables.  I am still hoping I don't have to buy a ton of salad myself.  I am working photo day for the first two hours of the first day and the last two hours of the second day.  I am doing the set up for dinner and helping to serve.  Lydia is either working through lunch or maybe making brownies.  I've never met many of these volunteers so their names are all mixed up in my brain.  If a photo of the chili gets in the school yearbook, I'll know better next time.


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