Thursday, September 2, 2010

got my hands in the dirt again

It is not fall here.  Daytimes have still been ninety degrees.  But, the humidity has dropped and acorns are beginning to drop along with evening temperatures.  And, I went to a garden center today.

I looked for items on sale that I could add to my sorry looking driveway garden.  All that lives there are three or four chrysanthemums and several feverfew plants.  Two wood asters that I was given in March are blooming delicate white fluff.  The rest of the space, from the daylilies at the street to the monkey grass near the magnolia is just mulch.  I found three heuchera "coral bells" plants on sale and then picked up some ajuga to replace those that didn't make it in the heat.  I had tried in the spring to get ajuga in my new terraced garden in the back yard, but I wouldn't mind having it in more than one location if I can get it going.  I really want to cover the ground with plants and "ground covers" seem perfect for that task!  Some creeping jenny would be good there too.  Every year I add a few more chrysanthemums and sprinkle feverfew seeds in the hopes that the space will fill up.

There is a house I drive past regularly which has lots of landscaping.  I stopped one day last November to take a photo of a purple bloom they had covering a large patch near the street.  It has taken me almost a year to identify it, but the fall blooming "obedient plant" is the name.  I am trying to find out who lives there so I can invite myself over to dig some up!

The boys have piano lessons on different days. The teacher lives nearby but I find it annoying to drive one of them over for a 45 minute lesson and come home in the middle.  I try to get started on something and then have to turn around to go pick them up.  So, running an errand seems easier.  Taking a quick peek in the garden center once a week would work well, maybe alternating which kid joins me.

Two friends have offered to let me dig up native plants from their yards this fall.  I think in another month it will be much better.  The plants I got today will take coddling to make it through the rest of Atlanta's heat.

But I'm back outdoors, at least a bit.  July and August are not good for my yard.  I'm ready to give it some love and bring it back to life!


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