Friday, September 10, 2010

some things even bloom

I finally planted the ajuga I'd bought a week ago.  It wasn't easy.  I put my spade into the "soil" in the driveway garden area.  It went nowhere.  I stood on said spade.  It went into the soil an inch, maybe two.  I jumped.  I spiked.  I attacked the ground and it gave not another inch.  So, I pulled out the watering can and filled my hole (such that it was) with water and left it for half an hour.  When I returned there was still water in my little hole.  I got another two inches of mud out, then soaked it again.  As I set in the new ajuga plant I realized I had high hopes for the roots of that plant.  If I couldn't get into the soil with a spade and a lot of elbow grease, how was it going to get in?  I left the sprinkler on low in that area for two full hours.  I need to do it again ever day or two if I want to give those plants a chance.  Really, what I need is rain.

Not all is dried and dead in my yard.  I spent some of the 75° morning outdoors, getting a few long delayed projects taken care of.  Did you know a climbing (Lady Banks) rose can send out twenty foot canes?  It really, really wanted to climb onto our roof. I'm awfully glad it has no thorns.  I found a few friends who were happy that there are still blooms to be found in my yard.  The lantana is a late summer favorite of mine, and of butterflies.  The bees seem to enjoy the garlic chives.   I've tried to capture some of the visitors with my point-and-shoot camera.  (Not easy! Those dang creatures move!)


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