Monday, May 11, 2009

pizza, anyone?

I'm posting our week's menus again, having previously intended to show how we attempted to eat healthy family meals even during the height of little league baseball season. But after this week's preplanning, no one will ever believe that Bug's current favorite food is swiss chard. I had to write out our schedule so I could be sure I'm fitting everything in.

Monday- Pook takes cookie cake to school. Pick up both boys early to get Pook to Dr. appt. (check-up) 5:30 last tee ball game, pizza party on the field following the game.

Tuesday- Meet CD at Lego store to buy items for Pook's party. Take gifts to Pook's school for teachers. Bug's last day of school... skip party if possible. For dinner, stir fry with leftover steak.

Wednesday- 9:30 Bug's singing performance. Take him to farmer's market and grocery. 2:30 piano lesson. 3:20 pick Pook up from Chess club. 5:30 baseball game. For dinner? Leftover meatloaf and something fresh from the farmer's market!

Thursday- take Bug to Pook's school to help one last day in media center. Pick up Nana at station at 4:15. Dinner? I'm planning on a vegetarian enchilada soup.

Friday- hopefully take Bug to a friend's house while my mom and I get pedicures. If he has to come, I'll offer to let him get his toes painted too. 5:30 last regular season baseball game and pizza party following game at nearby restaurant.

Saturday- baseball practice, time TBD but probably at dinner time if luck continues. I think we'll eat fresh produce in huge chef salads for dinner.

Sunday- 9:30 church. 12:45 church meeting which at least CD must attend. 4:00 birthday party, serving... pizza. By now the adults may be ready for something else. We'll see.

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  1. I'd almost forgotten how busy one's life gets with young children in the house! I remember lots of long afternoons/evenings centered around soccer. And acting class. And swimming. And later, (before the driver's license) football games and cheerleading. And, of course, all those birthday parties. Your week looks absolutely exhausting. And to think I was complaining about my To Do list!

    Tell your mom hi!