Thursday, May 28, 2009

just desserts

"What's for dessert?"
(in my head) I've got fresh strawberries from the farmer's market but no energy to wash them. And leftover extra birthday cake still in the freezer. And some whipped cream we still haven't used up. I take a moment to decide if I can summon the will to go to the kitchen to prepare this. Nope.
Another thought...
"Bug, go put the stool by the sink."
"Pook, go see if you can find the ziplock in the freezer that has the small loaf of birthday cake in it."
"Bug, put the colander from the pasta into the sink."
"Pook, take out the cake and put it on the wooden cutting board."
"Bug, put eight strawberries in the colander." (It was only a pint and I wasn't up for arguments about who got the most berries.)
"Pook, use the big, long bread knife that's on the counter and cut the cake into four pieces."
(A conversation ensued about the knife and I asked Bug to turn off the water so I could hear Pook better.)
"Bug, get out four plastic plates."
"Pook, put a slice of cake on each plate."
"Bug, put two strawberries on each plate."
"Pook, can you reach the whipped cream in the fridge?" (affirmative)
"Bug, get out four small forks."
Very soon Pook emerged into the dining room balancing three plates. Bug followed with one plate and the dripping colander of strawberries. Someone ran back for the whipped cream. They assembled the plates tableside and each put whipped cream on two. We ate.

"I'm proud of you two getting this for us. Bug washed the berries by himself and Pook sliced the cake alone. Thanks guys."
"I didn't wash the berries. You told me to turn off the water."

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  1. "I didn't wash the berries. You told me to turn off the water."

    Thanks for the chuckle. Just what I needed today.