Sunday, May 10, 2009

medium sized

Pook has been eager to know when he'll stop being a "little boy" and start being "a medium boy". I find this interesting because he has vowed he will never be a teenager. (I'm ok with that.) But when the "little kids" are grouped together at events, he has begun to resent being included. It's one of those things that will always vary depending on the other ages of the kids, but I agree with him, eight is clearly not little. He and his brother keep trying to squeeze into the bathtub together and it isn't working very well these days. I told him that from 8-12 he'd be middle sized and then he'd be a big kid as a teen. Works for him.

He opted to have a birthday party at home this year. He weighed the opportunity to see a movie, go bowling or have a restaurant meal with a friend with how many gifts he'd get if he could invite lots of kids here. Greed won. We're having a Lego themed birthday party next weekend since baseball and Mother's Day make this weekend a bit too full for a party.

His birthday falls on Mother's Day this year. We'll share the day. He's choosing breakfast and I'm choosing dinner. We're mutually dependent for the holidays. He wouldn't have birthdays and I wouldn't celebrate Mother's Day if we didn't have each other. I will reminisce, as I do every year, of our first Mother's Day.

On our first morning home from the hospital, he was in the cradle next to me and had woken up to be fed, which I did in bed. When he finished, he fell asleep between me and CD. I lay there watching him and realized it was Mother's Day. The sun was shining in the window and the two of them shared peaceful expressions. I just watched until they both woke again.

I'd post the photo but I keep it in my head. Happy Birthday, Pook!


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