Wednesday, May 6, 2009

my money's worth

I enjoy stopping in the Store-Which-Can-Remain-Unnamed but which sells everything for $1. I always buy greeting cards there 2/$1 and I went to get cards for teachers. Of course I saw lots of "What a bargain!" items and I bought a bit more than intended.

For example, I saw these cute gardening gloves. Turquoise with lovely spring flowers, cotton and not caked with clay. I picked them up and added them to my basket.

I also noticed some wonderful, bright whiffle balls, five in a pack. During baseball season, we've lost a lot of whiffle balls to the ivy. More is practical and bright is great. I hesitated about buying two packs but held myself back. Into the basket went one pack.

Both items were used immediately. I got some flowers into the wet, muddy ground and the boys played ball. As I worked and the gloves got soggy in the rain soaked dirt, I began to notice a strange feeling. As if my hands were actually in the dirt. And, looking at my hands, especially my thumb, I noticed this:

My thumb was poking out! The gloves had dissolved! One time use, apparently.

Giggling in the backyard. The smack of the ball. I checked in. "They broke!" "I broke the whiffle balls!"
Guess that's what you get for a dollar. Buyer beware.


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